Hi guys, I am obviously a new member to the radardetector.net group. However, I have had my Passport 9500ci in 3 vehicles and been using it daily for years now. I have JUST moved it into my newest toy, and I am a bit concerned about the height of the front Lidar Shifters.

I have mounted them on each side of the front license plate of my 2009 BMW 335i X-drive M-sport E92 (coupe), just as wide as I could with decent relative distances to the plate and headlamps. I know they are too low, and am concerned about them not reading well with any rise in the road. I am thinking about ADDING a set of veritcle ones in the kidney grills and have read that the Laser Interceptors are better shifters than the Escort ones that came with my 9500ci.

What is the thought on having two different shifters on one car, and is there any way to tag the Interceptors INTO my 9500ci so I'm not running two different systems?