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    Default Hello from Austin.

    New 9500CI owner here. Installed it myself in my 99 Ford Ranger. I'm a little nervous with the laser jammers and living in Texas where they are illegal. Luckily I don't attract a lot of attention with my old work truck, but the rear sensor is easy to spot. I ended up getting a black plastic license plate frame to try to hide it, and now it is harder to see. I have only had it a few days and every time it goes off, I jump through the roof. I guess I will just get used to it. I got hit with Laser yesterday, but I think the LEO was going after someone else. Only question I have is if there is any way to install an update without an internet connection. My wifi is just about impossible to hit from the driveway. Is there any way to download the update to my MBP, and then take the computer out to the vehicle and update it, or is a wifi connection needed at the vehicle. Thanks.


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    Welcome! I did not know that they started putting lidar jammer heads in with the 9500 remote, a complete system I see. You might need to get Veil for your head lights to help to prevent a punch thru, since you already have a beat up truck. Cover up anything that shines or reflects light with dirt- LOL. And do remember to turn off the jammer asp (kill switch) when down to the posted speed limit and don't leave the jammer on because the Leo can look at his jam code (lidar is NOT legal as you know in TX) with certain guns. Check out "guys of lidar" on the web...
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