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    Default 1st Post - Can't wait for my HP-905!

    New to the site. Found it while looking for results of various laser jammers. Great resource here.

    I live in the Kalamazoo, MI area now. Just moved from Hoboken, NJ. I've always loved being a step ahead of the game while driving. My new job has me driving much more so my interests with radar / lidar have been increasing. My V1 has saved me a few times already here in the Kalamazoo area where police mainly use radar (have yet to get a laser hit). Back on the east coast the lidar was aplenty.

    I travel regularly to NYC & Cincinnati. Hence the investment in the Blinder HP-905. I'll be mounting myself, and have only been concerned with one aspect of the mounting... I can use a level ensure pitch and roll are correct, but how do you all make sure yaw is correct?

    To repeat, I can level the heads side to side and front to back... but how do I know their pointing straight forward, no angle. Don't laugh, my eyes will do a good job , but I'm just wondering if this needs to be precise.

    If you're so kind, pitch in your two cents on head placement. I ordered 3 heads. I'm putting one where the red dots are on my car, and will either place the third where the blue dot is, or on my rear plate. My car is black, and it will have a front plate until I switch to Michigan plates in October.

    Thanks guys!
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    Default Re: 1st Post - Can't wait for my HP-905!

    Welcome! I'm not a lidar guy persay. Ask away in the lidar section.....



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