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    Default Hello from Jax - Laser Tests?

    Hey guys, I've been reviewing the forums for the past few weeks and I finally pulled the trigger on the LI BMW edition duals. TONS of great info here and all of it has helped me make the decision to get the LI as well as the Bel STiR Plus detector unit.

    I've never had a detector or laser products before so a ton of this is new, but I do know from what you "experts" have said that it's definitely best to have the LI tested with an actual gun. I haven't had the time to search the forum for Jax, FL peeps so I was wondering if there is anyone on here that is in this area that would be available to do some testing at some point. I'm having everything installed this Wednesday.

    Also - I noticed that the LI package came with a "tester" of some sort, and I guess it simulates a few different guns, does this not work at all? Or does it just show that the shifters are "on"?

    I look forward to talking to everyone on the forum and thanks a lot for the GREAT info! BTW like a ton of people have said here Cliff with LI is awesome. Couldn't ask for better customer service.

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    Default Re: Hello from Jax - Laser Tests?

    Welcome! LIs are the best and have fun flashing your head lights in FL warning the Leo's speed traps for they cannot ticket you now for doing that! Ticks Leos off.....
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