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    Default radar detector for Poland

    Hi, I am new here. My brother who lives in Poland wants me to buy him a radar detector here in US but I have no idea what radar gonna work in Poland. Pls help...

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    Default Re: radar detector for Poland

    Welcome! Euro mode or international model is a must on the RD (must ask for it on some units!). A Valentine One (direct on the web) is the best RD has a Europe mode. Beltronics- RX65 international is ok. Escort or Whistler is fair. I would look at their websites or search best radar detectors in Europe on the web, and the RD retailers (like radar busters here) and read their list for they will sujest what models to slect from on their websites. Valentine One, Beltronics/Escort, Whistler are in order as performance over seas....It is up to you what you want to pay for there are many choices, but the $399 Valentine for over seas and here in the USA is the standard to beat. Just repost (general radar detector section) on what your looking at and we can advise from there.....
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