Got a 9500ix for Christmas with Hard Wire and Cigarette Lighter Bluetooth adapters. After about a week I started getting random "Shift Off" alerts and messages. The only way to clear the screen was to power off/on. Went out of town on business for a few weeks and when I returned the issue persisted. I called them and went on their website and read about the issue and how they recommended fixing it (Update Firmware and Reset Detector). Did this several times and the problem persisted.

Called them again and talked to customer service (after having to listen to two minutes of commercials while waiting for the menu). When I got through to the representative I asked for an advance replacement and she informed me that after 30 days (it's been about 45 days) they won't do that since I didn't buy an extended warranty. She even admitted they were aware of the glitch.
My only option was to send it in to be repaired period. I spent about $ 600 with them and they shrugged me off. I called again and asked to speak to a manager who was even less helpful in a smug manner, they did send me a UPS "Ground" shipping label though. I guess I'll be with out my Detector/Security Blanket for a while.

This is my fourth Escort Radar Detector and I'm afraid it may be my last. Every other electronic device I've owned in the last several years that had a problem was quickly and courteously replaced without any stonewalling, unfortunately not my experience with escort.

I would hate to have to use my AMEX 60 day purchase protection but I may not have an option. They have lost a loyal customer.

Rant over.....