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    Cool Take my old Escort X50 please, just pay shipping. It's still has TRADE IN VALUE.

    Greetings radar loves.

    I thought I could sell my battered X50 for $1 plus the cost of shipping, but I guess not here in Baltimore. I joined this forum to help find my old trooper a new home.
    This detector has been back to the Escort folks a couple of times, they patched it up and got it working again, but not for long. It gets a LOT of false positives. I sent it back with a note saying please re-use as you see fit and they sent it right back to me.

    I am willing to part with this thing for the price of shipping... say $10.00. You can DIY something with it (hack it), fix it up again, or turn in for EXCHANGE for a new one at Escort...

    I am NOT looking for any advice on how to fix this thing, thanks in advance... I DIY with other things, but I'm not even going to open this thing up.

    I live in Catonsville, MD (near Baltimore) and can text pics for proof of ownership if needed... (I dunno, I'm a Craigslister/Couchsurfer, and don't really know much about this forum.)

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    Default Re: Take my old Escort X50 please, just pay shipping. It's still has TRADE IN VALUE

    A good buy for an Escort trade in for someone!



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