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    Default Radar & Laser Install on C6 Corvette Coupe

    Hi everyone, my name is Jibiki. I'm new to the Forum, & want to thank you all for keen insight & treasure trove of information. Keep up the good work!

    I own an '08 Corvette Coupe, 6-speed manual, & I have numerous questions please about a stealth installation for the following equipment:

    Laser Blinder HP-905 (front sensors only)
    Bel STiR Radar

    First & foremost, is it possible to do this installation concealing the components (ash tray?) without cutting or drilling any holes, anywhere inside or outside the car?
    If so, I'd greatly appreciate it please if you could be specific, & provide pics.
    Is it possible to integrate the radar detector IN the rearview mirror? If so, would you be able to see the control panel in the daytime?
    Is the speaker loud enough to hear with the roof off/top down?
    Is there a shop/individual in the NY/Long Island/NJ/CT area who does meticulous/professional installations and testing?
    Approx how many hours should it take a pro to do a job like this?
    Approx how much should it cost?

    Thanks in advance for your help, advise, & suggestions


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    Default Re: Radar & Laser Install on C6 Corvette Coupe

    Installing this without cutting or creating holes is almost impossible. You need to get the wires through the firewall and to do that, you need to do a hole through a rubber gromet at the very minimum. I did it myself on my vehicle and I was a complete noob, it took me 18 hours. Of those 18 hours, 10 of them was to get through the fireway because I didn't know what I was doing.

    Yes you can integrate the display in the rear view mirror, do a quick research on that, it is easy to find.

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    Default Re: Radar & Laser Install on C6 Corvette Coupe

    Hi AvsBest, thanks for your response. What type of vehicle to do you have?

    If the worst case scenario is feeding wires through the rubber gromet behind the battery, then sealing it with silicone, that's fine.
    Any "irreversible" changes, aren't an option. One Vette owner had to cut the "back" of the ashtray door to fit the control panel/display unit.
    In that case, I would remove the OEM ashtray door & make the modification to a factory replacement ashtray door.

    Any other suggestions are most appreciated



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