how's it going everyone? i've been a viewer of this great forum for quite sometime now, the past 2 1/2 years I've actually put together an entire car together with little to no physical help but tons and tons of info and help from the dsm forums. The car in particular is a 95 eagle talon Tsi with AWD (All wheel drive) with the mitsubishi 4g63 turbo engine. the car was bought junked as a project car 2 1/12 years ago and is fully rebuilt, I'm just now begeining to be able to drive the car and it's feeling pretty good.

After week 1 driving the car, I went ahead and bought the V1 I've wanted forever haha, I've got it programmed just the way I need it with X off, K on, ka and laser on, 30 second k automute and rear K muted, and because I wanted maximum sensitivity on the v1 I'm actually trying out ka gaurd off and it's really not so bad for me. It's been a week so far doing alot of highway driving and I get really really good range on KA around the curves which is deffinatley a change from the 2 belscorts i've had which were 1. beltronics v940 with the m4 narrowvision 2.escort 8500 X50 with the S7 radar horn, both really good in general but when 35.5 KA comes around, practically makes the 2 mentioned to be useless.

there's alot more ka falses with gaurd on but there was 1 instance where 35.5 c/o became short range around a hard bend, just made me feel like turning off the gaurd. Suprisingly, day one with it off, I already have a save of 12 over on I/O ka. No telling which kind of k/a without a specmode though, but I got 2 different blips before I was being hit with full blast I/O, I was really happy to pick up the quick trigger pulls like i was, precisely why i chose the V1.

luckily, I've still yet to see lidar being used at all for speed enforcement for any of the areas i've been driving, but I guess things can always change any day of the week. I know LI owns, but I personally dislike the fact that escort discontinued there ZR3, so you can only get them on ebay now. the price of the new ZR4 just is not worth what it is, topped off by the fact that you cant use all 3 heads up front like the zr3. also does not make since why escort does not offer there 9500ci kit without the shifters, even though the sti-r has the same anntenna, some people like escorts more then beltronics.

I also got my new windsheild mount camera in the mail today, going to be making some vids soon for everyone.