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    Hey everyone! My name is Derrick, and I was just thinking about getting a radar detector for my Subaru! Mainly thinking about the V1.

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    Welcome! The V1 is a great unit. I use one, unfiltered with a 2 priority volume alarm setup that has saved me from many traps, mostly I/O, which most RDs cannot give one a chance (alarms too slow). Most want a nonfalse RD, but my setup gives a low volume heads up on most falses which is not normal. If in a metro area, get a GPS unit for falses, not good for the road nor I/O (too weak and too slow), good for C/O radar mostly in the city (9500ix). The Redline in the future may be a great road RD, even better than the STIr remote. Good luck and remember speeding is a costly game (lol)....

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    Welcome to the forums Derrick.

    always liked the name Derrick

    probably because of the group "Derrick and the Dominoes"




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