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    Default New here and interested in countermeasures

    Hello Everyone,

    I am new here and it looks to be a great forum. I've been a long time RD owner going back to the original Fuzzbuster. Man I feel old now!

    I have just about every frontline RD from that original Fuzzbuster up to my current V1 (that was recently stolen sadly) and my Escort Redline and 8500x50. I am definitely interested getting more involved in countermeasures as I realize a detector alone isn't enough any more. While I practice stealth driving as much as possible and drive fast cars (also low profile) I realize the advent of LIDAR and the increasing roll-out of it has really tipped the balance in favor of the LEOs.

    Typically if your LIDAR warning goes off on your detector you are going to get a ticket if you are speeding. As a result I am seriously investigating jammers for all my vehicles and especially my motorcycles as I tend to speed the most on them. So I plan to be searching for as much info as I can on jammers here. It looks like the Laser Interceptor is probably the best out there but more of a challenge to mount on a motorcycle.

    I am also so tired of my toll transponders not being read while on a motorcycle so I plan on checking out of the license plate covers work worth a darn or not. One of my cars has a very big chrome grill. Nothing like putting up a huge target for LIDAR. It is probably the car I drive the fastest while on the roads as it is my stealhiest car yet very fast. Nobody assumes a Ford Flex would be fast but it is when you have twin turbo V-6 under the hood running a lot of boost. Maybe not ZR1 Vette fast but 12 second 1/4 miles for a family hauler that looks like a soccer mom's car means you can have lot of fun...

    I don't see much active involvement from motorcyclists here. I am highly likely to put a jammer on my BMW sport bike as it goes from 0 mph to arrest me in about 4 seconds if I am hard on the throttle. So far the Redline has saved my bacon quite a few times when my concentration wandered a bit but those close calls with LIDAR really have me on edge. You can't remain on high alert for hours on end on the freeway without it becoming very fatigued. With a jammer I could relax a bit more but cramming one on bike is more of challenged and having it blend in.

    Lastly I've started using social media driving apps such as Waze, Trapster and the Escort App. Unfortunately some of the remote areas along highways don't have good internet access so these tools are sometimes less effective than I'd like. I've taken to have 2 different carriers for my cell phone and tablet to try and improve my coverage. While that is some help, it still is an issue.

    I don't plan to just be a leech while here. As I learn things or find ways to optimize my configurations I plan to give back to the community. It looks like quite a bit of info here but I'll just be looking for the ECM and non-ECM areas. I think I have a pretty good handle on RD related stuff.

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    Default Re: New here and interested in countermeasures

    Welcome! Done your home work it looks like. Update your Redline for it will miss some fast Radar, also to give you a faster brake response to I/O to try to put doubt in the Leo's display, it works for me with the unfiltered V1........

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    Default Re: New here and interested in countermeasures

    Welcome, great info here.

    V1 3.893 - CD - V1C - YaV1 - SAVVY --- REDLINE - ESCORT Live! --- WAZE
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