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    hello counity, im new to this world, previously had a 70 dollar wal mart unit and cant believe i used to rely on it, my V1 makes driving confidence higher than eveer imagined!

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    i joined for help if anyone out there is knowledgable. my v1 has worked flawlessly since ive bought it. but just the other night it lit up all indicators and display leds as if you first turned it on and not a 1/4 mile away was a highway patrol. im curious as ive never seen a cop car make my v1 act this way what equipment he was using?

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    Welcome! Was there an alarm sound? If no, the Leo had no input, he was just there at that time. Sounds like your cig plug lost connection for a second, if used, and the unit lost power for a second, then the V1 powered up when contact was made again. Sounds like the unit cycled startup due to power loss so wiggle all conections and px cord and see if the unit will do it again....



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