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    I found this site through a google search.. I am active on many other forums non related to RD but more based on modifications for performance on cars. I came here to see what its about as I have been thinking about getting a RD lately.

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    I had a few questions regarding which RD would be best suited for me, I have been watching reviews on youtube from various people including radar roy for about a week. I stumbled upon various different models and brands I thought I was set and stone on the 9500ix but upon doing more research it seems the valentine 1 has a quicker response time due to higher sensitivity. The only reason the 9500ix appealed to me was for the autolock to block out false alerts since I drive the city often. I don't really care about the built in GPS for redlight cameras..... I also don't find escort live to be sufficient enough for me because the areas I drive I know well, I know where red light cameras are and what not. I also downloaded escort live on android to see how many people actively use it in my area before deciding to go with it. Upon further findings I found not many people actively use escort live in the areas that I frequently travel. Mainly people that are using escort live are north or west of me on major interstates. So my main question is what is anybodies recommendation for a first time RD buyer? I honestly am just looking for something that will give me more than enough time to react to common radar used in this area. I saw some comparisons between the valentine 1 and the 9500ix and the valentine 1 usually alerted first it seemed like it alerted 50-60ft before the 9500ix.. So any recommendations?

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    Welcome. Never run 2 RDs together for they will fight each other mostly, not a true test. True, not many use Escort live in certain rual areas. Enough time to react, a tiny beam called Lidar, none but can get lucky (V1 best laser detection), Instant On (I/O) radar, most none depends on certain variables and the Leo, but I've gotten away ticket free with the unfiltered V1 so far with a lot of non advanced alarm I/O hits, it is a gamble....Ratings #1- V1C unfiltered and segmented, #2- STi-r unfiltered and segmented, with the new Redline may surpass both units....




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