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    Just wanted to post my first thread.



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    I do not see a way to edit my first post, so I am going to reply to myself to add more detail.

    I am new to RDs and I am planning to buy an Escort Redline with the Blendmount and direct wire kit for my truck. I have been reading up on the various models for the past week and I think the Redline with the latest BS/RDR software is the best one for my driving situation. I drive a lot on Texas highways between Houston, SA, Austin and Dallas. I seldom go into the city, so I do not need the GPS features on the 9500ix.

    I will check Radar Roy's site to see if he has the Redline with the new software in stock.



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    REDLINE should do well for you.You can order direct from Escort,too.OLD stock on the shelf from on-line sellers probably will NOT have the BS/RDR already installed(*note-it's a free upgrade but you have to mail it to them!).ESCORT is temporarily out-of-stock b/c of popular demand has cleaned out their inventory.
    They did state Friday they will begin shipping this week brand new factory production units to meet customer demand.




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