I have been a long time reader of the forums and now deciding to post for the first time.

I have been along time extensive user of Radar Detectors and more recently Laser countermeasures. Believe it or not I was one of the early owners of laser shifter technology. I have always been willing to try new technology but never was sucked in over the years by Rocky Mountain Radar's "Passive Jammer" mainly due to Radar Roy.

I have been following Roy for years since my days in the now defunct RADAR (Radio Association Defending Airwaves Rights) group. Today I am a member of the National Motorists Association which took up the mission of RADAR and now is an active force in helping to protect motorists.

Although I will never have the amount of posts of many contributors I hope that my extensive use of radar and laser tech combined with hundreds of thousands of miles on the road can help someone out there exploring the use of these technologies for the first time. I proudly boast a clean driving record but would never put the Progressive Snapshot in my vehicle