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    Default Hello from Missouri

    Since I threw my hat in Roy's ring for reviewers I thought it would be courteous to post a hello.

    I am a long time lurker here, having followed developments in detection for several years. I am a believer in beginning with proper attentive driving, and then following up with aids to know when monitoring is in effect.

    I've run old cobra and whistler detectors in my youth, up to newer GPS based units. My most relied upon detector is a battery powered SOLO for use on adventure type motorcycle rides.
    I am currently looking into a dashboard unit to be used primarily by my wife. This necessitates being easily transferable between vehicles, having straightforward controls and alarm requiring minimal user input, and most importantly low false-alarm rates. The simple fact is that when confronted with multiple false alarms any detector she uses is quickly muted and or ignored. To the tune of two infractions in as many years. Sigh.

    Good safe driving to all who've posted so much information here.

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