Well, 40-over the speed limit gets you an automatic 7-day suspension in BC (Bring Ca$h). I was aware of the "new" penalty 2y ago and didn't really say much: Driving on the 93 after crossing the border, the road opens up to long, straight stretches of divided highway. With 5km both in front and behind, 3 lanes with nobody on them on a perfect day (9am) and a posted limit of 80 km/h, I decided to have a little fun. Well, 30 sec. later, my 1-week vacation was over. And I had to pick up the car 10 days later (because I actually have a job, lol). I was ambushed by a hidden speed trap, Ka eadar, not a blip for over an hour then a full-on. The tow alone was $590! The ticket, flights, motels and bus trips turned 30 sec. of fun into a $2000+ mistake (+ major inconvenience).

I now have a dual head LI installed and a new can of VEIL G4 and I'm testing the set-up (jammer alone, before applying VEIL) on Tuesday with a guy close by who has a LiDAR gun and charges a nominal fee for several scenarios so I'll have a better idea of the punch through distances and hope to learn a few things. Not much I can do about radar though (although the Scorpion RJs show up once a while on eBay, or so I'm told, but getting caught with that would just heat the already hot water).

Anyway, hi from Edmonton all!