Hey all,

New to the forum and radar detectors in general.

I've played with a lot of them, but never owned one - until now.

You see, back in January, I went looking to buy a new car. Well I came home with a 2013 2-door Accord V6 - in a nutshell, it hauls ass for what it is - a midsize family car. Regardless though, it is fast and I can't seem to drop the speed addiction.

Anyways, I went looking for some RDs. Naturally, I was drawn to the Max, 9500xi, Redline, STi, Bel 300. Actually I almost pulled the trigger on the Beltronics 300 - then I came across an RD that really piqued my interest - the Escort SOLO S3.

I have a wicked hatred for wires - the sight of them I should say - plus I have 3 cars. So, a cordless, battery-powered RD? Yes, please! After some research, I quickly figured out that the S3 was pretty much the only decent option in this small niche class.

So I bought one. $275 shipped and with a visor clip. I thought it was a good deal.

And that's pretty much the story of how I landed myself here. I look forward to getting to know you all and hopefully I can contribute something worthwhile to the board - eventually. I'm definitely gonna look at those laser jammer sections!

Oh and as far as the S3 - it seems to be working great after 2 days. No encounters with LEOs yet, but it picks up those speed limit signs that show your speed from about 1/2 mile out.