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    Hey guys,

    Just joined this forum after many years of browsing through it. Have owned an Escort 8500 x50 since 2009. Recently switched to a Valentine One with custom sweeps and V1C LE connection.
    I know some of you use smartphones including running Escort Live or V1Connection. Some of you may even record encounters on your smartphones. I posted some videos to YouTube with DIY videos showing how to make your own custom smartphone mounts for both recording dash cam video as well as having your smartphone at an arms-legth away without paying a lot of money on plastic gimmicks that may end up breaking on you down the road.

    DIY for SmartPhone Dash Cam Mount
    DIY Smartphone Dash Cam Mount - YouTube

    DIY for SmartPhone Magnet Mount for Cars
    DIY Smartphone Magnet Mount Update - YouTube

    Hope to contribute with more videos to the forum in the future.

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    Well I welcome you to the forum from SW Oklahoma. No idea why people will look at a new person thread and not take the time to say hello. I ran the X50 for years, still have my X50, S7 blue. I get it out and use it once in a while.



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