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    Default Radar countermeasures for driving in the boondocks?

    I live in rural Michigan, driving on long stretches of of sparsely populated country roads. Despite the 55mph limit in place, I (like almost everyone else) typically travel in the 60-75mph range. I was wondering how effective a V1 or high end Escort would be in mounting a defense against police stops.

    Most commonly, you'll encounter a police officer traveling in the opposite direction, often cresting a hill or bend, or appearing in the distance. Speed traps on the freeway seem uncommon, and the spots they pick are fairly predictable. I'm told police employ a mix of radar and laser here, but radar in the K or KA band is most common.

    I'm assuming (perhaps incorrectly) that the officers driving these roads may be inclined to leave their detectors on, instead of switching them on and off for each car they pass[B]. A V1 could possibly pick up a radar signals just beyond the hill or bend, alerting me in advance to what's ahead correct?

    If it's instant on radar or a laser I assume I'm basically screwed.

    Anyone have any experiences with detectors in this type of driving?

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    Default Re: Radar countermeasures for driving in the boondocks?

    Welcome to the forum. You ASS UME right you are screwed. Yes many of us have experience in this kind of driving.
    Go to the intro, and please read the rules. Welcome from SW OKlahoma.



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