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    Question Need Solution for Florianopolis, Brazil

    Greetings Friends,

    I drove for years in the USA with a trusty Escort Passport 8500 and it saved my bacon more times than I can count -- the gift that kept on giving.

    Now, currently living and working in Brazil and the 8500 doesn't seem to do much here. Whereas the Ka band in the USA seemed solely reserved for LE, in Brazil it seems to be part of the frequency profile for strip mall security systems and cell towers. There would appear to be additional bands outside the X, K, and Ka spectrum as well -- not to mention those electronic boxes that seem invisible to detectors. I've been reading on these forums and others that these boxes, which take a photo of your plate are becoming more and more prevalent in the USA and that the best way to combat them is with a GPS warning system that doesn't "detect" them in realtime but rather, already "knows" where they are from the AURA database and sends an audible warning to the driver when approaching one of their GPS locations.

    I notice there are several Cobra XRS 9970G 15-band detectors for sale on various Brazilian websites, which one would hope adequately covers the entire spectrum of frequencies used by Brazilian LE. The ads for these devices clearly state that the unit comes with a subscription to AURA, but isn't AURA limited only to the USA?... and maybe Europe? Curiously, when I checked out the Cobra site, it seemed these units were not available for Brazil. A reviewer on Amazon confirmed that they don't work in Brazil.

    My understanding is that the GPS network for Brazil is called Tracksource. It would appear one company sells an app for Smartphones that serves as a GPS notification system for these fixed radar/laser speedtraps, tied to the Tracksource network, but I'm wondering how comprehensive the Tracksource listings are. I would hate to put my faith in a device that lists speedtraps in only the largest cities.

    Seems like the best protection might be some kind of GPS fixed location/speedtrap device (Tracksource) bundled with or run together with a separate multi-band radar/lasar detector device. Seems something like the 9970G might work, but with a GPS system installed with Tracksource -- or a multi-band detector without a GPS, run concurrently with a separate GPS device with Tracksource.

    Has anyone come up with a solution for Brazil?

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    Default Re: Need Solution for Florianopolis, Brazil

    Welcome to the forum. I could not find any intro from you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fire65 View Post
    Welcome to the forum. I could not find any intro from you.
    Oh... sorry... I thought that was it above. Should I have just said hello here and put my question in another category? I have to admit... I'm not that familiar with forums in general. Any guidance much appreciated...



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