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    New to this forum, not new to RD's. I was a long time Escort user, but was really turned off by bad experiences with a Passport Max. Returned it and am using a Valentine V1C w/Savvy. The arrows on the detector really sold me on it, but I started using a new free app on Google Play called YAV1 that adds GPS lockout capability to the V1, and also lets you here alerts thru your smartphone. Just an outstanding app. I am also playing around with a Whistler CR90. I'm looking to pick up tips and tricks for both these guys, as well as more info on some "parking sensors".

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    Welcome to the Forum.
    Yep,the YAV1 app for the RD is nice & gaining popularity w/ users.I run mine barebones only as a V1C w/o Android device & augment it w/ the Beltronics "S7" .

    For Parking Sensors there are only AL "Priority" & LI that should be on your short list.I've tested both myself in "Field" testing & "in-house" empirically & made my decision.




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