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    Hey guys,

    just picked up a 335xi, I had been driving a Tacoma with an old cobra detector but now that I am likely going to be moving a little faster im trying to find out more about laser jammers (what works best, who can install them) I live in Edmonton, alberta any help, tips, contacts would be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to the Forum.
    Edmonton is a dangerous place w/ lotsa Lidar traps.Leo's use bada$$ models w/ video recording capabilities.
    There are ONLY two Mfg's who make a unit worth considering for your location:
    1.AntiLaser "Priority" model.
    2.Laser Interceptor model.

    Further questions/inquiries should be posted in the proper subject matter Threads here in the Forum.

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    Welcome. Try the intro and read the rules. Great first post. There are many threads on the things you are asking about. Read a bit and then ask.



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