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    Default n00b from Australia

    I'm new looking to get some CM's I have been done for speeding a couple of times recently for being less than 5km/h over the limit.

    Looking to be educated.

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    Default Re: n00b from Australia

    What part of oz are you from ? do you mainly drive on highways or in the city? are you looking for Radar detection or laser detection or both. what is your Budget ? Remember good counter measures cost a premium.

    Also Remember that Radar Detectors are illegal in All states in oz apart from Western Australia.

    I would not recommend using these devices in areas or states where they are illegal. There are fines and confiscation of the unit. possibility of demerit points.

    But if you are going to use one any way you will need an undetectable unit.

    Counter measures are only a level of protection the police always have the advantage.



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