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    Default Hello From Illinois

    Hello folks of,

    I'm new to the radar detector world and I figured I should start my research not only from the main site but, on the forum as well.

    My job consists of mostly driving to job sites mostly in the midwest. I've been hit with a couple few tickets already and I don't want to make it a fourth. First two were from spacing and just straying over the limit, the last one... I don't want to talk about it, let's just say, buying a mustang didn't help. The new Illinois law almost had my butt in jail...

    I figured since I don't always pay attention to where cops are (even when I do the speed limit which is almost all the time now), I figured I would get a detector to help.

    My work vehicle is a Jeep Patriot which, if you're not careful can slowly creep up in speed without noticing due to light throttle and a CVT which keeps the engine revs low.

    I tried a Beltronics V10 a few months ago, it seemed to do the job but, I still didn't want to put my full trust in it for some reason. I returned it once my road trip at the time was finished.

    I've been looking at Beltronics as they seem to be Ford and Escort is the Lincoln brand. Same product, costs more.

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    Default Re: Hello From Illinois

    Welcome aboard and always... behave yourself

    You know these guys?

    Drive safely out there.


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    Default Re: Hello From Illinois

    04stang, Welcome. As you can see from my sig, I too am a fan of Bel. However, the 9500ix is worth the additional expense IMO. The autolearn feature is a step ahead of the pro500 as far as I'm concerned. On my second day with the 9500ix I started seeing the autolearn feature in action. "Stored", "Stored" "Stored" as I dove by all of the speed measurement signs, grocery stores and malls I pass frequently during trips around town and to and from work. While it is possible to mark these falses manually, the autolearn feature does in fact do a great job and lets me concentrate on driving and my surroundings. While cliché this is a good way to help avoid 5-0. If you don't love or need arrows (and I don't) then the 9500ix or max should definitely be considered. I always buy the extended warranty as well. Forget "Live". Keep your detector 3 yrs and upgrade. The money spent is a wise investment. Not a license to speed, but an additional set of "eyes" that's watching when you aren't.



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