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    Default Hello from Atlanta


    Just looking around here. I have a S Coupe by Mini and was thinking of adding a permanent mounted hidden detector. I already have a windshield one.

    I really don't speed, if anything traffic tends to push me faster than I want to drive. Odd? Just trying to get to work safe. My commute is about three hours round trip in the car.

    To avoid the fast traffic I take back roads more or less, commute isn't any faster on the interstate. Just more dangerous in my view.

    But I do like my toys. Thought I might see some pictures of other installs for ideas.


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    Default Re: Hello from Atlanta

    Welcome to the forum, Bill.

    Why do you need a hidden detector? RDs and LJs are fully legal in Georgia.

    USA Laser Jammer Laws - Guys of LIDAR

    Plus nothing it's fully hidden IF you really know what you're looking at AND what you're looking for, right?

    Feel free to ask questions in the forum section (s) that fit your personal needs.

    In the mean time, some of the roads around your own neck of the woods:

    Got Peaches?

    Drive Safely.


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    Default Re: Hello from Atlanta

    More for convenience.

    I just installed Blackvue front and rear dash cams. Before that was using a App on the touch. Just don't like the process of put up and take down. They steal everything around here so if it is in small pieces I feel pretty safe. Park in city deck during the day.

    And the radar thing is more I like to know if am I being watched more than speeding. Yes, I now odd? Sort of like the NSA and phone records. Just another piece to add to the arsenal I guess. But in the end they are toys and they are fun. I do like my toys.

    Also not much room in the Mini Cooper S Coupe. Two seater car that I call my half car. Very small and not much glass real estate either. But love the car as I am sure the cops do to.

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    Default Re: Hello from Atlanta

    Nice video also.....

    They drive a little crazy around here. I don't normally speed and if truth be told I am terrible worried being that coupe. Drove bigger cars in the past and used to have a Tundra TRD that was nice. They tailgate me something terrible and I fear I am going to be hit.

    I am adding a trailer hitch to the car by Mini Fini. I just have to put something on the back for more comfort. I have stopped driving 85 S here and opt for Hwy 78 to downtown Atlanta. Work in Peachtree Center. Yes, maybe paranoid and been in some bad wrecks in the past that were not my fault.

    I thought I would like the little car. Was thinking of that and or the BMW two seater. Audi TT is nice but a manual. Maybe something with age as I am 51 now.

    The forum looks nice and reading up on the laser shifters I guess you call them. I also have a Ham Radio in the car. Simple remote head unit for 2 meters. Used to do HF CW mobile. Yes, CW (Morse Code) while driving. I guess that makes me bad as driving and texting?


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    Default Re: Hello from Atlanta

    Quote Originally Posted by kg4fxg View Post
    And the radar thing is more I like to know if am I being watched more than speeding. Yes, I now odd?
    Not at all, if they wanna track our speed, we should track their position as well, right?

    Many things you can do IF financially you're in a safe spot.

    Install some good LJs, some nice threads in the LJ sections of the forum, I don't use any therefore I'm not the expert in that particular "toy" department. Most of them are pretty expensive AND, b/c must be installed in the front grill, they can be easily damaged by any road debris. Also depends where you park day and/or night, thugs love to get their hands on expensive material, right?

    Ham Radio is for use indoor in your house, in-car is called CB Radio, so what you have in your car is a CB Radio. It should be teamed-up with a pretty powerful antenna as well, in my case I'm using a Wilson 5000 antenna. Been using a CB Radio for ~8 years now.

    Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

    Drive safely.




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