Howdy hello,

Beingaware here from the land down under!
Queue cheesy 80s music!

Been into cm on and off for awhile, I currently run the queensland CM testing group with a few other members from the 2 other forums but I figure I would finally join here since Cliff is no longer active there

I run quad LI on my rear to protect again rear shots, over pass shots and the dreaded poliscan.

On my front, 3 aimed forwards and 2 off centre.

My Radio protection is a Redline and STI+ (which had a bit of a mess up today)
I also run CB and yeah.
I own bother laser and radar guns for testing and at one point a Spectre 3, currently trying to source a Spectre 4 our of stealth micro systems, which is like getting blood out of stone right now haha.

One of my latest test videos LI vs ALP.
LI 8.9 Quad Rear + ALP 5 front test - YouTube

Some tests about the rumoured E07 jam codes happening on the LTI vs LI.
LI Vs LTI Test for E07 - YouTube

I have plenty more to share but yeah .
Hope to have some awesome chats on here.