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    Default Hi there from Egypt

    Come to basically learn about how to use radar detectors in Egypt , have a passport 9500 that never beeped

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    Default Re: Hi there from Egypt

    Welcome to the Forum, my friend.

    I'm pretty sure you're one of the very few (if any) Egyptians in this forum.

    Nobody knows the technical condition of your RD, but there is an easy test YOU can do and see IF you'll get some sort of "beeps", unless Morsi killed them all turn all bands ON, so X ON, K ON, Ka ON as well, and start driving around some buildings or locations with automated doors, banks, hotels, big grocery stores, etc., anything expensive, right? and see IF you're gonna start hearing lots of "beeps", obviously those are falses, but at least we know your RD is not already... dead. Do that road test and then come back with your "results" and will take it from there.

    Be VERY safe out there AND never stop fighting for FREEDOM.

    Best of Luck.

    Chris in Canada



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