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    Cool Hello From Tampa Bay!

    It's time to upgrade my old Cobra detector. So I decided to also upgrade my knowledge too by reading a few forums and see what's new. If anyone wants to influence my decision please feel free! My budget maxes out at about $500.


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    Hi MM, far from me to advice an adult (cause I'm assuming you're not a kid anymore) on how to spend your hard-earned money, so here just some suggestions of GREAT places where YOU will make-up your mind on what RD to get for your car.

    Radar Roy - YouTube

    Radar Roy's OFFICIAL Radar Detector Review site!

    Radar Roy is the BEST when it comes to RD Reviews, and he's never bias, plus always very friendly as well.

    For manufacturers' products and prices:

    Beltronics Radar Detectors :: Performance Rules

    ESCORT Radar Detectors: Drive with the best radar detector

    Radar and Laser Detectors | Valentine One | Radar Detectors

    Therefore as you can see a pretty large selection of EXCELLENT products that, most of them, would fit your very normal $500 budget.

    Now, IF you happen to ever drive up north, maybe not now or this year, but maybe in the feature (cause your new RD should take you 5-10 years, IF you take good care of it), you have one state that's pretty much different than all others, and that state is VIRGINIA, in that particular case you have just TWO options, both within your own budget: STI MAGNUM or ESCORT REDLINE, both GREAT products, very minimum differences btwn them, both made in Canada in the very same manufacturing plant just outside Toronto. Same advice if you ever happen to drive in Eastern Canada where RDs are very illegal.

    Where you buy your RD from, that's your personal choice, in my case I bought everything from Roy ONLY.

    Don't rush, feel free to ask MORE questions, YOU must be the one happy with your purchase and not whoever gives you advices on whatever forum.

    Good luck and Welcome to the forum.

    Drive safely in/around that God-created little paradise you are so blessed to live in.


    PS Forgot one important thing, at least to me: get an RD that will show you the police radar FREQUENCY, so not just the radar band, for Beltronics products it's called TECH Display, for Escort products it's called Spec Display, personally I'm not too familiar with V1.
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