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    Default Hello from an old newbie in Virginia

    Since I live in the only state that prohibits RDs (and LEO can detect almost all units), I enjoy reading your comments here for the 70% of the time I drive elsewhere. I do live on the state line and enjoy the later versions of Escort's 9500ix when I head south. I use Escort Live in NC.

    THIS IS OFF SUBJECT, but I need your help. When driving at night in Nelson County, VA, in January, the headlights on my 2007 Infiniti M35 went out while I was driving a dark section on US 29, just north of Lovingston, headed north. It was dark, no other visible lights. I quickly lost control and went down a 20' embankment landing the southbound lane below. The force blew all 4 tires. It was a horror I cannot forget. It's a wonder I am alive. The deputies, VSP, Wintergreen rescue made sure I would not be hit by an oncoming car. My flashers did word, and several minutes later the VSP was able to get the headlights back on again. That me wonder if this was caused by some kind of thermal circuit breaker. The car was a total loss. I have two fractured vertebrae.

    Have you ever heard of such an accident? I was alone in my car and was lucky to hit the ground on all fours', even though it was a long, abrupt fall . No other vehicle was involved. Alcohol was not a factor in any manner. The Trooper said I was lucky to be alive after such a steep fall.


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    Welcome! Call your auto dealer and they should be able to tell you the reason why your lights went out. It could be a connection issue, even a recall issue....



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