2014 Greetings from Commander Tony. Here is the hidden treasure of information desperately needed by Beltronics 995 / 996 owner's to save on the service charges mailing it in. You can do a great a job yourself with the required information to clear the SERVICE REQUIRED glitch fault during power ON and/or during SELF CALIBRATION RESRT MODE.

To fix your 995/996 and get it back to new:

Remove the 2 screws under the bottom of the case. The 1 on the top right corner and the other screw is under the serial sticker.

Inside the case the laser portion is mounted to the circuit board with 3 screws. Once you remove the screws lift the laser unit straight up off of the circuit board revealing 2 seperate pin style connectors that went up into the laser unit.
Basically the SERVICE REQUIRED circuitry is not faulting because of the LASER UNIT attached to the board at all. Though while you have it off from the board it is advised to clean the bottom side of the laser unit's female pin style connectors with iso-propyl alchohol and immediately blow it clean with compressed air. Do the same for the circuit board pin style connectors that go into those connectors for the laser unit.

Here's the fix!: SERVICE REQUIRED glitch is caused by the main ground the screw from the case squashes itself to once reassembled. That small circle amount of steel on the circuit gets dirty through the years from all of the movement/vibrations of the case and what not and the screw moves around enough after a while to scrape the base of the ground on the circuit board to become dirty. (YOU WILL FIND THE GROUND BASE ON AT THE TOP CORNER OF THE CIRCUIT BOARD.) One of the screws that holds everything together gets tightened down onto the ground circuit. It is in combination directly with the small aluminum looking box/square tab at the top corner of the circuit board.

Clean the small round ground circuit with rubbing alchohol and let the liquid run underneith the small aluminum looking box tab that gets squashed tight along with the ground base circuit and immediately blow it clean with compressed air.
Reassemble everything and " PRESTO !! " you are good to go!

I hope this helped and change the future in small way or in a large sense for the better!!