I am a professor of medicine and BMW enthusiast for 25 years and have used/consumer of vehicle electronics of that length as well. My "BLOG" here is to determine if others have suffered damage or loss to their vehicles due to those defective Escort windscreen mounting systems. The new "Sticky Cup" may be the ultimate mounting system as superior to the previous. Why did Escort not warn us of the imminent failure of those previous systems, especially to those of mounting on BMW's. According to an Escort employee, Escort knew the mounting systems would not work effectively on BMW due to a "texture" on the windscreen. After 3 months, the mounting system failed and caused $7000.00 worth of Damage by taking out the I-Drive Screen on a BMW X6M. Our BMW CLUB has deferred using ANY of the OLD mounting systems. If you have had such failure and subsequent damage, post your concern and share your experience. Lastly, Escort does NOT have a customer support system to our peril. SO, if your detector jumped off the windscreen, ESCORT will not return your calls, certified letters or otherwise. Have any other customers experienced the same??