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    I am finally about to buy my first RD, been looking to get one for awhile and now that I finally got a job I am going to buy one for myself as a reward. I am currently balancing between Redline, Magnum, V1 or CR90. Driving in southern tier in new yorks rural highways the enforcement does not seem that bad just by eye and debating if CR90 would be adequate. CR90 is a lot cheaper than the others but not sure if this is something where that saving might come back to bite me. I don't really speed that much, never gotten a ticket in my life or anything. It is more just as an "Hey theres a radar ahead so make sure your not going too fast by accident" and part curiosity factor of seeing how much radar/laser there is that I never notice. (Don't think I really have any need for GPS but when comparing the CR90's price to CR85 I don't see why not just get it)
    Also in few months time I am planning on getting a jammer, but that have to save up for that first so...
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    While the less costly RD's you mention work well considering their price point,you'll find most users w/ plenty of experience will tell you the King of all windshield mount RDs is the Escort "Redline".

    If I were buying new it would be at the top of my list !




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