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    Hello all, I live in Portland, OR an drive to Vancouver BC 3 times a month and have allot of exposure to traffic tickets.

    I installed a Blinder MP 905 Laser jammer to compliment my Escort 9500 ix and boy, I am glad I did.

    I never had it tested just installed by Car Toys on my BMW 550I with 4 sensors, 2 front, 2 back.

    2 days ago I was on the way to Vancouver. BC just passed into Bellingham, Wa on a wide 4 lane (2 each way) and the speed changed from 70 to 60 as I entered Bellingham.

    I am always looking for speed traps but in this area only trees on the side of the road, no cars visible.

    Then it happened, My Blinder MP 905 alerted to a Laser attack and I slowed down from 75 to 60. I thought it was a false alarm until 10 seconds later behind me I saw the Police Lights and car approaching me about 300 to 500 yards behind me. Then about 6 cars back they pulled another car over.

    This was my test and no doubt they targeted me, the BMW but failed to get my speed. What a beautiful device the Blinder is, it saved my A..s this time.

    This is my story I hope it interest you.


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    Sheesh,that's quite an Introductory post there, downdraft.
    Hello & Welcome to the Forum.I used to own the HP-905 but had to upgrade to another Mfg model b/c the Blinder didn't fully protect me from some of the newer Lidars that LEO's are now using.You should be very cautious in BC, b/c they use some of the very newest Lidars now.

    I'm curious,what was the Lidar model announced when you were targeted in your encounter mentioned above ?

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    welcome to the forum...



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