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    Question New to RD, which one V1 or RL for VA/DC?

    I'm new to RD and have been researching all day from forums to videos. But still can't decide wisely which RD to get for my location. I live in VA/DC and drive a Kia Sportage SUV 2012.

    So far I understand that I need a non-detectable RD (for windshield) so either RedLine or V1. But I'm hearing that V1 does better than RL for QT and POP. While RL does good only for IO and CO. So which one do you recommend in my situation?

    Thanks a lot

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    Default Re: New to RD, which one V1 or RL for VA/DC?

    The V1, while a superb RD that should be on any persons list as a top choice,it SHOULD NOT be your choice if driving in VA.The reason for this is b/c LE in VA use RDDs (Radar Detector "Detectors").This device can help the LEO I.D. which car has a RD in it by sounding an alarm as you pass by.
    Your only option is to consider RDs that cannot be "detected" by the RDD device.Escort Radar best windshield mounted RD is the "Redline" model & is a/k/a the "King" of RDs.You must mount it so as to not be seen by the LEO's or Thieves who would steal it.
    There is also the STi R+ which is a remote mounted RD that provides the ultimate in "stealth" easily hidden somewhere in the Front grill area of your car.There are a couple of other models from ER that could meet your needs for VA,but these 2 listed here are their top performance models.




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