Although I have had radar detectors in my cars for many years, I have never taken the time to become an expert regarding their technologies. It has been enough that I have been able to employ their features to enable me to avoid being ticketed for traffic offenses.

At present, I have an Escort Passport Max hardwired on the dash of my 2014 Audi A6. I tried it high and low on the windshield using the supplied fixture but did not like the visual clutter or the fact that I had to take my eyes off the road to focus on its display.

Having the Max there has not yet presented a problem. So far, the range of interception from incoming signals that I have encountered have all been great enough to allow me to reduce my speed in time to meet the speed limit or successfully greet a roadside camera.

I look forward to reading post in other threads from members of this site to further enable me to gain knowledge from their experiences.