I've been a V1 user since 2000. I'm on my fourth V1 and have 3 4 Savvy units as well. The latest Savvy drains the battery in my M-B E350. This problem was a bear to track down and M-B replaced a part in my car to the tune of >$600 that didn't fix the problem. This was because the problem was not with the car but with the Savvy unit. I just called V1 support and they told me to send in the unit along with a malfunctioning V1 that randomly goes into an error mode displaying "E" on the display unit the unit is cycled on/off.

They did not attempt to apologize for the problem or offer to send a call tag for the malfunctioning equipment and only said that some Savvy units in certain cars will drain the vehicle's battery.

That's it. That is all.

As far as I am concerned, the detector brand I've been buying and telling anyone who will listen to buy for the last 14 years doesn't care about me as a customer. I will, as they asked, send the equipment in with a letter explaining the problem and a copy of the service bill from M-B along with a request for a refund.

The king, V1 is no longer in my book.