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    Default New member and new RD.

    Hello everyone. I've been doing some extensive research for a few weeks and finally decided on the Escort Redline. Made my purchase with the Radar Roy discount today and I'm looking forward to enjoying it once it arrives. About 5 or 6 years ago (my memory eludes me somewhat) I bought an Escort 9500i for my truck (after weeks of research as well) but within a couple months it ended up in my Wife's car and has remained there ever since (she steals all of my stuff). Well I just purchased a brand new VW GTI and now I find myself in need of one once again. I'm not normally a "lead foot" per say but I do find myself not paying attention to the speedo and creeping well past the PSL. Plus I kind of enjoy the "cat and mouse" aspect of the industry. Guess I have a right to know if I am being painted. I'm also gaining interest in laser jamming. I'm in the process of determining what is best for my vehicle and budget.

    Wealth of knowledge here. Looking forward to learning more.

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    Default Re: New member and new RD.

    Welcome Hillbomber hope you enjoy your new detector, drive safe
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