I recently paid $18 on Ebay for a late model Whistler XTR 335, and I'm amazed at how much better range and how quiet even a lower end Whistler radar detector is than my older Cobra, Whistler, and Bel radar detectors.

I realize that there are much better new detectors out now than the XTR-335, but compared with the older ones I have this newer one is night and day better, especially on Ka band.

I drive mostly rural Missouri two land and secondary four lane roads, with lots of small towns that I pass through. I try and run the PSL, or just a few miles over, but it's nice to know when there is a radar working so you can check your speed.

I'm looking to upgrade my Whistler. I'm thinking about a new Whistler CR-85, if it would afford a good deal better performance than the detector I already own.