Hi Everyone -

I drive a Maserati QP daily and I have accumulated a large amount of tickets in Miami so I recently purchased an Escort 9500ix. So far I have been pretty Victorious against the opposition beating laser 6x's KA 13x's and K thru Golden Beach 5x's only being beaten once by laser from the rear. I originally placed it too low on my dash and a Cop got me from behind so I have since corrected that. The best was when I beat Laser going thru Golden Beach. It went off with the Laser Alert message and I hit the brakes hard to slow down. When I passed the motorcycle cop he was hanging head shaking it in frustration while he put his gun down. It was AWESOME! This area is full of Cops everywhere using KA and Laser the only place I've encountered using K band is Golden Beach. Be careful and drive safe.