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    Default New here, V1 with an Accord

    Hello, stumbled across this forum when looking for some info regarding the use of radar detectors in pickup trucks with commercial plates. Lots of info on here, very cool site.

    I have a one year old Valentine One that I absolutely love. Previously I had an old Cobra from the 80s (was given to me by a family member). I was a bit turned off by that RD but eventually figured that the only way to accurately gauge how well one works is to (1) get a modern unit and (2) get a good one.

    I have it hard wired on a mirror mount in my 2009 Accord Sedan with a 2.4 4cyl and a 5-speed. Perfect spot and I never have to worry about remembering to turn it on.

    I live in WNY and frequent the 219, 400 and 90. A lot of people joke with me about the "waste of money" for a RD. I also receive the statement "I know where all the cops sit" or "your RD never goes off here, there aren't any cops around". Probably my best rebuttal/advice for them is... sure your detector may not go off in your town/work route/neighborhood and you may know where the cops usually sit. That said, you should know when your RD should or shouldn't go off (false alerts and whatnot). When you have a blip/hit and you know that you normally don't... there's an LEO waiting so drive real nice. Most get lost by that way of thinking.

    Any rate, I'm going to go look around for a while.


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    Default Re: New here, V1 with an Accord

    Welcome! And yes, anyone who thinks RD's are a waste of money obviously doesn't speed. When you're going 90mph+ in a 55mph PSL, you NEED a good RD otherwise you won't have your license for very long!

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    Default Re: New here, V1 with an Accord

    I love detecting police radar



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