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Thread: Hi y'all!!

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    Default Hi y'all!!

    Finally deciding to replace my old 14 yr old Uniden radar/laser detector. Looking to step up and snag an Escort 8500 x50 tonight!! Hopefully it will be the upgrade I need.

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    Welcome! I remember my Uniden. Got hit with I/O Ka about 100 yards away with 3 LED lights glowing. That is bad, real bad. LOL. The new x50s are an ok RD (I think the Black units to new units have the better performance than the older x50 units so make sure that is noted) and will be close to a great filtered RD in performance. If you don't speed much, you could stay with what you have to see when you are being clocked by radar with little to no warning (forget about lidar, you will mostly never see it with the Uniden).....
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