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    Default Hello everyone! Need some advice

    Hello from buffalo, ny. I'm currently using a cobra 9340 for my detector that I've had since I was 16. Now I've been looking to change to a better detector but they seem to use mostly K with some KA mixed in. I want a budget buy cause it's more to be alert cause I don't speed a ton. I was looking at the whistler cr85 but a lot of reports say it has bad x and k detection and I'm mostly facing K it seems. Any advice is great! Also please don't recommend redline's or v1's. Yes I understand that I'm sacrificing by going budget but I'm just looking for awareness more then speeding protection.

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    Welcome! If you post your question in the general RD section, other members will jump in more for this section is not visited much. There more members can advise you with different choices....

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    The RX65 (S7) is a good overall unit refurbished for under 200 not all the fancy gps ect. but good detection distance for the money.
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