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    Just joined, greetings. Got a V1 and it has an issue now...looking to find the answer...doing research...every time I program it, it goes into euro mode...very irritating...

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    Welcome to the forum. Tell us about the V1 software 3.89-? Are you using BT anroid/iso? Not much to go on? Have you had it long? More you tell us the better we can help.
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    Greetings. Version 3.893. bought it last February. About a week ago, I was messing around with programming (no BT android/iso) and it came up in U mode (goes e u r o on startup). U and u are turned off in the programming! will reset to factory and get out of euro, but do one little thing in programming and back to euro mode. Silly, just plain silly..

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    You should recycle your unit after programing so the changes are set. There is a youtube video (Valentine One Radar Detector 3.893-Programing ON/OFF Euro Mode on the V1) that gives you a visual. There are a bunch of vids there also on programming. I suggest you also watch (How to Quite the V1) is some really good stuff. While we are conversing I would also suggest the BT Connector $49 / Android and using the YaV1 app these 2 steps will make your V1 awesome. Better range with custom sweeps, the abilty to lock out stationary K band door openers grocery stores and the like. ,spec display that shows actual alert 34.701 frequency received. Hope this helps and again always here to help.

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    Welcome to the fun..
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    Welcome aboard

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    Thanks, BrownOut, will look into the BT connector and the Android app--after I read up some more on folks' use of it--I understand radar (at least A7D, RF4C, E3B, and F16A/B/C/D anyways...), but need to round out my bag of tricks, it seems.

    Figured out why I was in Euro mode...I was putting it there, duh... I was misreading the V1 programming cheat sheet where it shows Euro mode and Euro X as "no" I -- was thinking down arrow for no, when actually the up arrow is "no." Brilliant of Valentine to configure it that way, which will keep the evil North Koreans off balance for another couple years or so...only took me 3 days to figure it out...I'll go now, thanks for your help!

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    Welcome to the forum
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