Hello to everyone. I'm an older guy who uses Valentine Ones. I have 3 in various stages of upgrades. I'm getting ready to travel with one of them.
I'm going to be in Ireland during part of June, so I've been reading the forums, particularly as they relate to radar in Ireland (Eire). It looks pretty
intense. Only similar experience I've had is down in Arizona with radar vans. Guilty till proven innocent in court, and hiding in private driveways
and the like in Scottsdale. The V1s were generally effective, but your warning time was very short. I'm thinking Ireland is probably the same drag
with even less latitude than here in California. CHP here is using Ka for the most part locally, but have been testing hand held lasers intermittently
at the bottom of the Cuesta Grade when entering San Luis Obispo on route 101.

If there are folks in the forums that can help me with the Irish questions, I'd really appreciate them chiming in. One of my units has the latest upgrades,
so I know I can switch it to Euro Mode. I'm wondering about Irish customs at the airport in Dublin, and whether you're even allowed to use them in Eire.
I also see that generally a vertical mount is best. I've been trying to find one of those and so far, no luck.

Look forward to contributing to the forums, and in advance, thanks for all your help.