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    Cool Introducing Myself

    Hello Board,
    my name is Zalastar and I am from the 206 area. I happened to pick up an Escort IX at one of my favorite pawn shops a few months ago and its been an Alice in Wonderland journey ever since . Learning about Cincinnati Microwave , the origins of Escort etc. Quite fascinating and then of course stumbling my way here to see a wealth of information and an entire sub-culture. I look forward to reading and learning what I can

    Here is my current arsenal

    Mon- Friday road warrior 2013 ATS 3.6L Premium (soon to get chipped, a muffler delete and an intake rework)
    Friday Night Streetfighter - 1999 ZX750 Ninja
    Saturday Night Cruiser - 1969 Corvette Stingray (350 ci 350hp 4 speed / Bone Stock 45k original miles)
    Sunday Driver - looking for my next build

    Countermeasures (I am just starting out)
    Escort IX
    Cincinnati Microwave Shifter ZR4 (piecing together at the moment)
    Prayer and Waze

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