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    Default Just saw the new Laser Interceptor site

    Comin' along.

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    Hey all I can see is "EDIT". What happen to the link??? Oh yeah the retarded rules of this board. :roll: At least I resigned as admin so I don't have to enforce those retarded rules anymore. The rule is kinda silly seeing how this site has a whole section on the Valentine 1 radar detector which doesn't sell. No links to competitors products, blah blah blah blah, but wait lets make an entire section for a competitor the V1!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid selective censorship on this board. :roll:

    Ok, enough of my rant. I checked out the website which is nice. Hopefully the retail LI units that go on sale perform the same as the developement unit that was at our test. And hopefully it will be reliable too.

    Here is a yahoo search link on it, which BTW is not against the rules to link to yahoo - I double checked with Roy himself.



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