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    Default Older LI's Vs the Truspeed Question

    Ivan, what generation of control boxes/heads do you think had issue if any with the Truspeed, obviously Roy had an early system. My question is this I assume you have some older LI laying around, just for kicks can you get one out and test it against the Truspeed?

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    Default Re: Older LI's Vs the Truspeed Question

    Here's what Ivan said about this very concern, on the LI Forums:

    6.xx and 7.xx have hardware differences...

    So 6.xx CPU can not be updated with 7.0.6 software (this is why there are first numbers.. 6,7.. hardware revisions)

    What we will do now is try out one of the oldests 6`s against TS, and then make a final 6.xx version if possible against TS...

    Then all 6.xx users will be able to upgrade to latest 6.xx version...

    Now, upgrade from 6.xx to 7.xx is not possible.. same like upgrading from V6 to V8 engine... :-)

    Again, i am quite sure 6.xx will be able to jamm TS with no problem... so we need to test this out...

    I will keep you posted...
    That is a verbatim copy-paste.

    Hope this helps.



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