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    Default LI Software & Drivers

    Ok what kind of voodoo must we use to get this stuff to work? The cable I'm using is below:

    IOGEAR - GUC232A - USB to Serial/PDA Converter Cable

    I'm on Vista 64 and the mobo I use has had it's lone on board serial port disabled since day one since I use no serial devices. I installed the drivers from IOGEAR's site for 64-bit Vista dated Aug '07, it installed itself to COM4 port then started the LI settings app and no joy, tried all ports actually...nothing with the error below:

    sEvent function called.
    1 port not opened.

    Technical Information

    Project : jammer

    Dump error of module <WD110COM.DLL> <11.00Ef>.

    - WL Call:
    Processing <frmmain.btnConnect>, line <24>, thread <0>
    Function <sEvent>, syntax # <0>

    - Level: fatal error (EL_FATAL)

    - Error Code: 100161

    - WD55 Error Code: 0

    - No system error code

    - No system error message

    - What happened?
    1 port not opened.

    - Debug Information:
    Fonction (10,148)

    - Attached Information:
    EIT_DATEHEURE : 09/09/2008 19:53:11
    Click btnConnect (frmmain.btnConnect), ligne 24

    - No identifier in .err


    Is the CPU designed to work right out of the box or do we need to set it up first?

    Update: Got it fixed, had to reassign a few ports but now reads as below:

    ATEN USB to Serial Bridge (COM1)

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