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    Default LI Reliability Issues ?????

    Let me start off by saying that my intention for starting this thread is NOT to stir up crap or start a **** slinging free for all.

    There seems to be “information” circulating (call it a rumor if you like) that there are issues with the reliability of Laser Interceptor.

    What’s confusing to me is the following.

    That this “Information” has been repeated by some members that I consider reliable, hence I am inclined to give the information some credibility. The information suggests a substantial failure rate of LI units. (Including new revisions)

    The information is being spread via word of mouth (email, PM’s etc), it has been eluded to on other forums but not here. (I’m not referring to The Goons)

    Allegedly there are some “senior” members on this forum that are on their 2nd or 3rd set of heads. If this is true, why isn’t it being talked about?

    To be fair it is also being made very clear that LI are quick to respond and address these issues, but the warranty does not cover shipping, installation costs, or the PITA factor.

    I’m presently sitting on the fence, if the manufacturer of my present counter measure does not address the TS, I will definitely be purchasing a product that does and to me from what I have seen LI is the only choice.

    Yet what I am hearing is causing me concern.

    Comments from any LI users and of course Cliff will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: LI Reliability Issues ?????

    I'm still on my original, 8.0, heads (both front mounted), from the initial US release of the LI.

    While I was not among the very first to purchase the LI, I did make my purchase rather soon after the LI came ashore, and was among those who are, as I would consider, "early adopters" of the system.

    So far, my front heads have endured one harsh NE-Ohio winter - and countless spring/summer rainstorms. No issues yet. They're rapidly approaching their anniversary date.

    From Ivan's own past postings here, he cited, IIRC, an approx. 70% failure rate of that shipment's heads, due to weathersealing issues that were a production line problem.

    From the various posts of trouble/resolution here, as well as from the LI Forum's "Genera" sub-Forum postings by Cliff, to announce, in an open manner, the return of warranty claim heads, in-fulfillment of the same, I believe that figure to be reasonable and accurate.

    I've "heard" of, via open-Forum postings here, of two other Forum members who have had more recent heads fail, in an "out of the box" fashion - but to me, that is but a blip in the statistics, and, similarly, is not unreasonable to expect, out of the numbers produced and on-road.

    Indeed, if it is true that some "senior" members of these Forums are on their THIRD set of heads, I, too, wonder why this information is not being discussed.

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    Default Re: LI Reliability Issues ?????

    I do not have a recollection of having had to replace more than one set of Sensors, the older Version 8.0 with the early sealant, for any LI User. There are several with LI's on their many vehicles and those are the only LI Users who have had multiple Warranty Replacement Sensors replaced.

    Cliff - C55

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    Default Re: LI Reliability Issues ?????

    Are those with multiple replacements 8.0 heads or some 8.5?

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    Default Re: LI Reliability Issues ?????


    Cliff - C55

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    Default Re: LI Reliability Issues ?????

    Also keep in mind im willing to bet allot of the LI's are sold to members of this sight, so the instances of bad things happening are higher here.
    Also peoples thresh hold of what a real problem is is different. Someone who has a good understanding of a product and is use to the issues in this industry is less likely to complain about a simple head replacement.
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    Default Re: LI Reliability Issues ?????

    There hasn't been one of these threads in a while!! No failures to report from my heads. My units have been through 3 different laser events as well as >50 private test runs. I've also been hit 10+ times over the summer by locals and staties. Still jams like the best of them. If anyone has newer product failing, they must do more testing than me.
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    Default Re: LI Reliability Issues ?????

    I had an intermittently bad sensor out of the box. As a consumer, if the customer service is as good as was provided to me by Cliff, it tends to have a calming influence. He was very concerned with my problem. He kept me informed every step of the process. He sent me a replacement sensor as soon as he could. No problems since.

    I really don't consider that a reliability problem though. Sometimes complex electronics fail out of the box, especially when they've been shipped across the country.

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    Default Re: LI Reliability Issues ?????

    LI is great horn, the CS is great and the quality of the product is amazing as well

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    Default Re: LI Reliability Issues ?????

    Mines coming soon, ahhh, I'm so excited.

    Your item was processed and left our CHAMPAIGN, IL 61821 facility on October 20, 2008



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